Saving The Osun River

By Babatunde Okunlola

The documentary “SAVING THE OSUN RIVER” by Babatunde Okunlola investigates the impact of gold mining and other activities on the Osun River pollution and the true facts about what’s polluting the river.

Depended upon by over 20 communities, with more than two million residents and Revered for its cultural and religious powers by the Yoruba speaking people and millions of followers across the world, the river flows through rainforests, farmlands and villages before flowing across Osogbo town in Osun state, which houses a sacred grove which was declared a national monument in 1965, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005. The river is but now is a source of concern over the brown murky waters and toxic wastes widely believed to have been brought about by gold mining activities.

This is an investigation of an environmental pollution and health disaster that has thus far, been largely believed to be tied to gold mining activities in Ijesa-land. But what exactly is the truth? And what exactly are the impact of the mining activities on the river?

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