CODE trains Kwara CoPs on Project Trust

As part of efforts to ensure a seamless execution of Project Trust, a civil society organization, Connected Development, CODE, organized a step down training for members of the Community of Practice.

The training session, held on Monday, May 20, 2024, in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.

The session aimed to equip members of the Community of Practice (COP) with the necessary skills for comprehensive planning and monitoring of abandoned projects, ensuring their completion and efficacy.

This is to promote accountability, foster social inclusion within governance structures, and strengthen the right of Persons with Disabilities, PWDs in Kwara State.

Mr. Kehinde Akinsola, the Lead Community of Practice (COP) for Connected Development (CODE) in Kwara, spearheaded the training by familiarizing COP members with the NOMTRAC website.

Akinsola underscored the significance of NOMTRAC as a tool for citizens to nominate projects for government attention.

He highlighted its utility in enabling communities to identify and prioritize projects based on local needs, thus ensuring government interventions align with community priorities.

Akinsola elucidated the requisite steps and criteria for project success, reassuring participants that abandoned projects would be revisited and promises fulfilled.

Hajia Nimat Labaika complemented the training by educating COP members on the fundamentals of advocacy. Labaika emphasized advocacy as a potent tool for driving policy change and addressing pertinent community issues.

She elucidated the objectives and goals of advocacy, stressing its role in shaping public opinion and influencing policy formulation.

In another segment of the training, Taiwo Adediran, a COP member trained in Abuja, facilitated a session on effective report presentation.

Adediran elucidated the importance of structuring reports in a coherent storyline, highlighting its advantages in enhancing readability and comprehension among stakeholders.

He emphasized that a well-outlined narrative facilitates effective advocacy by enabling readers to grasp key messages and relate them to the broader populace.

During a breakout session, Mr. Abdurrahman Akindele Ayuba delved into the objectives of the Project Trust initiative, urging COP members to diligently execute their responsibilities in rebuilding trust in government.

Ayuba also advocated for the implementation of the disability act in Kwara State, emphasizing the need for swift action in establishing a Disability Commission to drive its implementation.

He noted that Kwara, as the first state to enact such legislation, should take the lead in championing disability rights and inclusion.

Participants after the training, said the session availed them comprehensive understanding of advocacy strategies, project monitoring techniques, and the imperative of citizen engagement in governance processes.

This, they said will enhance the execution of Project Trust, and make the state a better place in ensuring the delivery of democratic dividends. 

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