Mayhem Unleashed: Kogi Hospital Workers Assaulted Following Patient’s Death

A medical doctor at the Federal Teaching Hospital, Lokoja, has revealed how a group of men stormed the hospital on Tuesday, January 23, 2024, and attacked workers over the death of a patient.

Sharing videos on his X handle, the doctor explained that the men, led by an unnamed political leader,  demanded to see the doctors on duty on arrival at the hospital, and in one of the videos, about three people were seen struggling with a gun as shots were also heard.

The doctor, who noted that the men in their large numbers, broke into the room where they were, held him and his male colleague, almost shredding their shirts into pieces, added that he, alongside others, managed to break away from the A&E and left for another ward.

The men, according to him, started destroying things in the A&E, beating any worker they set their eyes on, nurses, doctors, security.

He, however, added that the hospital gate was locked, and they hid in different locations in the hospital, as they were unable to capture it in a video in the midst of the chaos.

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