Unveiling the Mystery: The Quest for Adewumi’s Justice

Published by Christopher Tolulope Ojo

On July 3rd, 2023 a heartbreaking case reached the ears of the KAJORO crew, involving the disappearance of Adewumi, a woman in her late 30s, after an outing with her former boyfriend, Mr. Tokunbo, in 2022. Despite exhaustive efforts by her family and authorities, Adewumi remained missing, leaving her loved ones in a state of despair.

The family’s journey for justice took them from reporting the case to the Ayeso Police Station in Ilesa, Osun State, to seeking assistance from the State CID in Osogbo. However, to their dismay, months passed without any progress in the investigation, and neither was Tokunbo prosecuted for their daughter’s disappearance.

Moved by the family’s plight, the KAJORO crew embarked on a mission to uncover the reasons behind the stalled case. Through meticulous investigation and listening to the family’s accounts, they pieced together crucial details surrounding Adewumi’s disappearance.

Contradicting testimonies emerged as Tokunbo claimed he never met Adewumi that day, despite her family’s assertion that she had left with him. Meanwhile, Adewumi’s daughter, Olamide, provided a crucial piece of evidence, recounting a phone call between Tokunbo and her mother just before her disappearance.

Determined to seek justice, the KAJORO crew took their findings to the Osun Police Headquarters, where they discovered that the family’s absence had hindered the progress of the case. With their intervention, the case was finally charged to court, aligning with the family’s wishes for legal action.


The impact of the KAJORO crew’s efforts reverberated across the community as the case garnered attention on Diamond 88.5 FM. Listeners praised the crew for their swift intervention in the pursuit of justice for Adewumi, shedding light on a case that had long been shrouded in darkness.

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