Farmlands for Gold

By Babatunde Okunlola

Cocoa beans was one of the top 15 products exported from Nigeria in the first half of 2022, contributing 12.65% of exports within the period according to the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC). Nigeria realises over $700 million annually from the export of cocoa beans, and is one of four western African countries which supplies 70% of the world’s demand. Osun state is one of the major contributors to that export as a cocoa-producing state in Nigeria. However, that status is being threatened by the impact of the illegal gold mining in parts of ijesaland which has seen acres of lands destroyed or illegally mined, a situation that impact farming, and cocoa production in the state.

In the documentary “Farmlands for gold”, Babatunde Okunlola investigates the impact of the illegal gold mining on vast farmlands and the devastation left in the trail of terrible illegal gold mining practices and influx of artisanal miners in Osun state, and Ijesaland.
Is the future of Cocoa and other foods produced here at stake?

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