Into@8: Adesokan Charges Govt to Check Braindrain

  • Expresses Excitement as Agency Clocks 8

An education consultant and Chief Executive Officer, Into University & Migration, Amb. Joel Adesokan has called on the Nigerian government not to take the issue of brain drain with levity as this could eventually take a toll on the country.

Adesokan said it is appropriate to export values and products but, expressed reservations with manner Nigerians are leaving the country in droves with no benefit to the nation.

The Education Consultant gave the admonition on Monday, while speaking with newsmen at his office in Ilorin, the Kwara State Capital, on the sideline of the 8th anniversary of the education consultancy firm, a body set up to guide, counsel and assist admission seekers into higher institution of learning home and abroad.

According to him, there’s no crime in exporting our values to other parts of the world. There’s no crime in exporting our products as well, but there’s crime in exporting ourselves.

On why many Nigerians prefer foreign education, the former Registrar of Atiba University, Oyo, said the government must fund education and ensure undergraduates are in tune with what obtains around the globe.

He asked the government to further attract the young minds with innovations, create a conducive atmosphere and give them a sense of belonging to encourage them to be willing to add value to Nigeria.

Adesokan, a Honourary Doctor of Peace and Conflict Management, added that the nation’s academic curriculum needs to be tailored towards addressing the societal challenges bedeviling the nation.

He said, “If anybody tell us that our education specifically at the tertiary level is above par, it is a lie from the pit of hell.

“Issues that bother around Corporate Governance is our worst enemy. Until we begin to have our curriculums, our services as an institution centered towards solving societal problems, we still remain a failure.

“You can’t have Professors and academic experts in a particular field or sector and it does not have direct impact on that sector. It’s a waste.

“There are Water engineers in the country, for example, but water problems persist in the country. Essence of education is to solve problems. That’s what education is all about,” he said.

Adesokan also warned Nigerians not to be too wary of leaving the country and fall into the antics of scammers who disguise as travel or education agents.

This, he said has financially wreaked some individuals and families, who are desperate to leave the country.

“Scammers are now on the prowl to dupe unsuspecting people. People should be more careful patronizing unregistered education consultant. More especially, when these people boast of ridiculous claims and achievements,” he said.

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