Bike Purchase Predicament: A Tale of Broken Promises and Financial Strain

Published by Christopher Tolulope Ojo

On January 17, 2024, the airwaves of Diamond 88.5 FM, Ilesa Osun State buzzed with a tale of financial strain and broken promises as Gbenga Duduyemi came to the Kajoro crew to report an unsettling scenario. He disclosed that he had purchased a bike from one Ademuyiwa with a N550,000 Installmental payment agreement made, since December 26, 2022. The agreed payment deadline of January 12, 2024 passed, Ademuyiwa failed to furnish him with the original documents of the bike as promised.

In response, the Kajoro crew swiftly launched an investigation into the matter. Ademuyiwa was summoned for interrogation, where he claimed there was no official agreement and accused Gbenga of refusing to complete the necessary paperwork. However, Gbenga presented a notebook as evidence, documenting the agreed daily and weekly Installmental payments, which Ademuyiwa couldn’t refute.

The conflict reached its climax on January 20, 2024, when the issue was brought to the public on air during “KAJORO,”; the conflict resolution program on Diamond 88.5 FM. Both parties were given a platform to narrate their sides of the story. Remarkably, Ademuyiwa, cornered by the public exposure, committed to providing the complete original bike documents the next day.

Thanks to the intervention of the Kajoro programme and crew, January 21, 2024, marked a turning point. Ademuyiwa fulfilled his promise and handed over the original bike documents and a Change of Ownership Agreement paper to Kajoro crew. Gbenga Duduyemi, overwhelmed with gratitude, signed the Change of Ownership Agreement paper as he received the long-awaited original bike documents. He expressed heartfelt thanks to Kajoro crew and Diamond FM Ilesa Osun State for their impartial intervention in resolving the dispute.

Published by Christopher Tolulope Ojo

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