The Battle of Water Flow: Mr Arowolo’s Struggle for Resolution

Published by Christopher Tolulope Ojo

For years, Mr. Arowolo had endured the relentless onslaught of water flowing from his neighbor’s compound, owned by Mr. Samuel Oladidupo, known as Baba Soldier, and Mama Ogedengbe. The incessant water flow had caused damage, even leading to the collapse of his compound fence in the past. Despite numerous complaints to the Local Government town planning and Environmental Agency, Mr. Arowolo’s pleas fell on deaf ears.

In response to Mr. Arowolo’s distress, the KAJORO crew swiftly took action, visiting the affected scene to witness the extent of the damage firsthand. The gravity of the situation demanded immediate attention, prompting the team to intervene and seek resolution for the longstanding dispute.

Inviting both parties to participate in the KAJORO program on Diamond FM Ilesa Osun, Mr. Arowolo stood ready to air his grievances and seek a collaborative solution. However, Mr. Oladidupo and Mama Ogedengbe failed to attend, demonstrating a lack of willingness to address the issue amicably.

Undeterred by their absence, Mr. Arowolo recounted his attempts at dialogue with the negligent parties, emphasizing their refusal to cooperate in finding a lasting solution. Despite intervention from local authorities, including visits from the Local Government Council and the Chairman himself, Mr. Oladidupo and Mama Ogedengbe remained obstinate in their stance, neglecting their responsibility to address the water flow issue.

As the story unfolded on air, the listeners of the KAJORO program voiced their disapproval towards Mr. Oladidupo and Mama Ogedengbe’s disregard for their neighbor’s plight. Sympathizing with Mr. Arowolo’s predicament, they urged him to pursue legal action as a last resort to seek justice and resolution. The community’s solidarity echoed through the airwaves, underscoring the importance of standing up against negligence and advocating for accountability within the neighborhood.

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